Weeks End Update

Brooks and I just finished a full day of editing on what will hopefully be the first installment of 4 shorts films.  We have brought together a collection of clips and infused interviews, class discussion, and outside filming.  We are hoping to have this first portion completed by the middle of next next up and posted on the blog here.  Editing is a very interesting process.  it often times upon first look you have the inclination to keep all of the footage, but in cutting and moving pieces we end up creating something totally different than you initially created.  Often times in the process spontaneous editing and shifting of priorities becomes necessary.  you can set the most structured story board but if you are not willing to compromise with the outside factors chances are that your product will fall short of your expectations.  Brooks and I had started with the idea of having in class footage and cut on action to outside filming, to further along the narrative produced by in class discussions.  Well truth be told what we have come up with to this point is more near a basic instructional on the Socratic method.  This is why I said that we have had to be flexible with our shot selection and how we translate to a cohesive piece.  Not to mention it has been a struggle to really capture a lot of use-able footage from class.  The inability to go back and re shot shoots and being time crunched with outside work are the largest contributing factors to this down fall.  The process is exciting and I am more excited to finish our first installment and present it in its entirety here on the blog.  Your Faithful Producer.

Troy A. Stehlin


Forward Thinking>>>>

Looking into the future it appears that Philosophy of Religion is next on the syllabus.  We will not be filming on Tuesday Feburary 8 th because the students have a paper due.  This will give Brooks and I some time to discuss the upcoming section and edit down some footage.  Feburary 10th will be the first class concerning the new section.  Dr.Schmid will propose some ontological and cosmological arguments for the existence of God.  This is a touchy subject for many people even outside of the educational system.  I am interested in seeing the students react to the readings prescribed.  Here are some links to the supplemental readings Anslem, St. T. Aquinas Summa, Hume and the Ontological Arguments.  Hope all is well.

-Troy A. Stehlin



A new clip has been posted featuring the fourth day of class discussions, specifically debate on what constitutes fact and opinion.





Questions Raised From Class on 1/27/2011 to Coninside with Second Clip

Here are some of the questions raised in class today that I think are important:
  • What is the nature of the “entitlement” we have to our own opinions? What level of responsibility do we have to ourselves or others for our opinions? How open do we need to be to truth—and therefore to reasons that might lead us toward truth, on matters religious, ethical, political, or philosophical, which are not subject to a scientific or factual method of determination?
  • What are the kinds of things we need to form our own opinions on? How do we form “our own” opinions? And as above, are we “entitled” simply not to have ‘our own’ opinions on various subjects (e.g. religion, philosophy, ethics, politics, art, etc.)? 
  • Is it  always wrong to break the law? Or is it sometimes “right” to break the law, and might we have a duty to do so? How do we know which is which? (Bonnie’s argument at the end was yes, it is always wrong. Socrates in the Crito suggests there is a set of conditions which make breaking the law wrong.)


First Video Clip

Hello all,

Copy and paste the URL below into your address bar. You will then be able to view the clip of the first day’s discussion. Enjoy!